As Syrians’ displacement is becoming increasingly protracted, the search for durable solutions is ever more vital. The DSP develops research around the three durable solutions for displaced Syrians inside and outside Syria: voluntary repatriation in safety and dignity, local integration and resettlement.


Our objective is to generate and disseminate high quality research outputs that contribute to policy discussions and programming on durable solutions. Our research covers resettlement and complementary pathways, opportunities for local integration in the region as well as challenges for reintegration and return to areas of origin inside Syria. 

This study examines the opportunities and barriers for Syrian refugees’ economic participation and integration in Turkey. Overall, this research finds that significant legal, economic and socio-cultural barriers exist to Syrians’ attainment of self-reliance and sustainable livelihoods in Turkey. The study also presents recommendations to improve Syrians’ self-reliance in Turkey…

Whilst the regional refugee response to the Syrian crisis has largely focused on Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, less attention has been given to the situation of the approximately 250,000 Syrian…

Durable Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons in Syria

The conflict in Syria has caused 6.2 million Syrians to become internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the country. So far, little emphasis has been placed on studying the challenges and opportunities for IDPs’ local integration in Syria. This report explores local solutions within the context of protracted displacement inside Syria.

Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Amid the protracted Syrian crisis, Lebanon hosts over one million Syrian refugees, making Lebanon home to the highest number of refugees per capita in the world. This report studies the positions of different Lebanese actors on the policy towards Syrian refugees in Lebanon.