Developing a Syria Solutions Analysis

Developing a Syria Solutions Analysis
Durable Solutions Platform

The Syria Solutions Analysis is a joint initiative, coordinated by DSP, intended to assess progress toward durable solutions for displaced Syrians, including refugees, IDPs, returnees from abroad, and returnees from within the country. Currently, more than 15 international NGOs, Syrian NGOs, analysis units, and other actors are involved in the process. It involves two related projects:

a. The development of an Analytical Framework for analyzing data related to durable solutions in the Syria context. This framework is being developed through contextualizing the IASC Framework on Durable Solutions for Internally Displaced Persons for the Syrian context, with relevance inside the country and for people displaced into the region. It is also informed by similar initiatives such as the ReDSS Solutions Framework, which has been successfully implemented in East Africa. Thematic areas covered by the Framework will include protection, access to services, livelihoods, civil documentation, and housing, land and property.


b. The creation of an initial Solutions Analysis report, focusing on the Whole of Syria. Using the Analytical Framework as a guide, the report will analyze existing secondary data in order to assess the extent to which progress has been made towards durable solutions for IDPs and returnees residing inside the country. It is intended that this initial report will be followed by a regular series of reports, which can have various geographic, population or other focuses, and will help stakeholders to better understand how barriers and opportunities for durable solutions evolve over time.