Durable Solutions for Displaced Syrians

Durable Solutions for Displaced Syrians
The Durable Solutions Platform and Columbia Global Centers Amman organised a conference on durable solutions for displaced Syrians.
Amman, Jordan

The Durable Solutions Platform (DSP) together with Columbia Global Centers Amman (CGC) organised a conference titled ‘Durable Solutions for Displaced Syrians’ on November 29th 2018 at the premises of the CGC in Amman, Jordan. The conference brought together over 130 people from a variety of institutions and affiliations, including Syrian civil society, international humanitarian and development organisations, UN and donor agencies and academics.

After opening remarks by Dr. Ahmad Mousa from the CGC and Dr. Saskia Baas from the DSP, the first panel delved into some of the challenges Syrian host communities, internally displaced and returnees face inside Syria. The panel was followed by an active Q&A discussion. 

The second panel discussion covered the key challenges and opportunities for Syrian refugees in the neighbouring countries Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey. Presenters highlighted the contributions Syrian refugees are making to their host countries, despite the social, economic and legal difficulties they face. 

To read the detailed conference report, please click here.

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