Improving Shared Livelihoods in Iraq

Improving Shared Livelihoods in Iraq
New research project explores how shared livelihoods services can support integration in Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI)
Durable Solutions Platform and IMPACT Initiatives

Over the course of 2020, the Durable Solutions Platform (DSP), together with IMPACT Initiatives, will be conducting research to examine whether, and in what ways, shared livelihoods services have and can contribute to better integration outcomes for Syrian refugees, internally displaced people (IDPs) and host communities in KRI.

This document provides an overview of the project, including by defining shared services in relation to livelihoods, sharing the project’s research questions and presenting an initial outline of the types of services this project will cover, including on business development support services, financial services, skills building and contributory social protection. 

The research is conducted in a participatory manner, including the continuous engagement of implementers, government and donor agencies, to ensure broad participation and uptake of the study. In an effort to promote cross-country sharing and learning, DSP will aim to share findings and learnings on the wider regional level.

For any enquiries on this study, please contact Lana Stade, Regional Solutions Specialist at