Report Launch & Panel Discussion: Barriers and Opportunities for the Use of the Graduation Model in Jordan

Submitted by DSP Editor on Wed, 06/29/2022 - 17:21
Roundtable discussion

The Resilient Youth, Socially & Economically (RYSE) Consortium, Danish Refugee Council (DRC) and the Durable Solutions Platform (DSP) organized a launch of a joint research study entitled “Barriers and Opportunities for the Use of the Graduation Model in Jordan” on 8 June in Amman. The event brought together over 50 people from national and international organizations, UN agencies and Government of Jordan to discuss the openings for more integrated programming in Jordan.

Though still at the early stages, the graduation approach (GA) community of practice in Jordan has already produced numerous lessons learned about who and how to target for graduation programming. Despite the challenging situation of implementing the GA in Jordan, opportunities remain promising and offer an innovative integrated program approach that builds resilience and self-reliance which can support displaced persons to meet their needs in a sustainable way. The GA can contribute to supporting pathways towards durable solutions for refugees to allow displaced people to be better prepared to pursue a durable solution when it becomes available to them.

Mr. Ibrahim Zriqat, the Head of the Training Department at the National Aid Fund (NAF), Rima Qaisi, the RYSE Chief of Party and Najwan Aldorgham, Associate Livelihoods and Economic Inclusion Officer, UNHCR shared their reflections on the differences and similarities of vulnerabilities between Jordanian and Syrian refugees, discussed how the GA has been adapted to the specificities of the Jordanian context and policy opportunities to advance graduation in Jordan.   

The research report can be accessed here.