As Syrians’ displacement is becoming increasingly protracted, the search for durable solutions is ever more vital. The DSP develops research around the three durable solutions for displaced Syrians inside and outside Syria: voluntary repatriation in safety and dignity, local integration and resettlement.


Our objective is to generate and disseminate high quality research outputs that contribute to policy discussions and programming on durable solutions. Our research covers resettlement and complementary pathways, opportunities for local integration in the region as well as challenges for reintegration and return to areas of origin inside Syria. 

Durable Solutions in North-East Syria

While conditions inside Syria are not conducive to the safe and dignified return of refugees, limited spontaneous return movements of Syrian refugees and internally displaced persons (IDPs) have been observed to Syria’s North East. This research examines the conditions of the Syrian population in the…

The conflict in Syria has resulted in the displacement of half the pre-war population, with more than five million refugees now residing in Syria’s neighbouring countries. While the situation in Syria is far from safe, host governments started to openly contemplate the return of refugees to Syria in 2017. In this report, the Norwegian Refugee Council, Save the Children, Action Against Hunger, CARE…

Spontaneous Returns

The ongoing armed conflict in Syria has displaced millions of people inside and outside the country, sparking an international humanitarian crisis in the region. While some Syrian families and individuals who were displaced abroad or inside the country are spontaneously returning to their areas of origin, they remain at serious risk of becoming internally displaced again. This…

Safety and returns

This report explores dynamics of safety and how they relate to returns.