Supporting Pathways to Durable Solutions

Supporting Pathways to Durable Solutions
New research project explores how global best practices can provide lessons for the Syrian refugee context
Durable Solutions Platform and Migration Policy Institute

This year, the Durable Solutions Platform (DSP) and the Migration Policy Institute (MPI) are conducting a research project to explore best practices that can enable pathways to durable solutions for Syrian refugees, moving past the effects of displacement. The best practices are drawn from displacement contexts around the world, highlight the learning that can be drawn for improving resilience and opportunities for supporting self-reliance for Syrian refugees and their host countries.

This document provides further background on the research, its methodology and objectives as well as intended use.

The research is conducted in a participatory manner, including the continuous engagement of UN agencies and NGOs, and results are aimed to be shared with a wide set of stakeholders at national, regional and international levels.

For any enquiries on this study, please contact Lana Stade, Regional Solutions Specialist at